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Our Team Members

“Dive into the dynamic world of Erith’s multifaceted teams, where innovation meets expertise. Our collective strength lies in the fusion of diverse talents, propelling us to the forefront of engineering solutions. Meet the passionate minds shaping our journey across pipeline integrity, emission control, and more. Explore the heartbeat of our success.”

Richard Edwin​
Helen Edwin
Business Director
Akshay Manohar
Business Director
Ahmed Khamis​​
Business Director
Najaf Sajjad
Director - Erith Industries
Al Ameen Kamal
Finance Director
Ravi Kanth Satyala​
General Manager - Fire & Safety
Kishore K Pradhan
Business Development Manager- Fire & Safety
Naveen Eliyazer Gowada
HR Business Partner
Elizabeth Richa
Regional Sales Engineer
Nageswara Rao Addanki
Assistant Sales Manager
Ahmed Atta
Senior Sales Engineer
Ujval Pradhan
Sales Engineer
Dhiya Al Marhoon
Plant Manager
Oswald Rodrigues
SCM Manager
Vinod Addanki
Assistant Commercial Manager
Claribelle Marie Santos
Inside Sales Manager
Karthikeyan M
Logistics Manager
Khadija Fathullah
Continuous Improvement Manager
Poonam Goglkar
Admin Specialist
Sahish Gadkar
Marketing Manager
Rajesh Jackson