Nitrogen Injection Fire Protection System (NIFPS) for Transformers


Our passion for innovation coupled with profound experience, have helped in developing numerous techno-edge solutions, unique and exclusive solutions in fire safety. One of the key location where fire safety is highly important is the Protection of oil filled Transformers from fire in Power Generation/Transmission/Distribution units. We have developed an ideal Fire Protection Solution using one of the highly sophisticated hollow-metallic tube based Linear Heat Detection System combined with Nitrogen Injection Fire Protection System for internal fire prevention and additional (optional) Water Mist / High Velocity Water Spray / CAF for external fire suppression system. Just the perfect solution for complete Transformer Protection from fire.


A Unique Fire Protection System, which takes care of the health of Transformer and protects it from any unwanted fire internally and externally. In a Transformer, Internal Fire can occur due to arcing, in core and coil dielectric interruption, ruptures and twist of the winding, improper grounding etc. While external fire erupts due to OLTC, oil leaks, gasket rupture, weld cord, defects of forced cooling fans, Buchholz Relay, exit of the current transformers of the bushings, bursting of bushings, improper / loosening of cable terminations, faults in transmission lines etc.


  • For internal fault Feedback / Trip Signals for activating the signal:

    Differential Trip | IDMT E/F Trip | IDMT O/C Trip | Restricted E/F | WTI Trip | OTI Trip | PRV |Buchholz Relay | Master Trip | Temperature Detector

  • Hollow-Metallic Tube Type Linear Heat Detection System:

    Utmost care is taken in detecting any rise in temperature, Hollow-metallic tube based Linear Heat Detection System can detect fire/heat at incipient stage and generates a command to actuate extinguishing system. Sealed hollow metallic tube filled with ambient air detects rate of rise of Heat Temperature & Maximum Temperature for extremely accurate detection. It evaluates pressure at the rate of 2 samples per second created due to heat. It trips the Transformer when temperature exceeds permissible limit set (customisable / programmable), it can be much below the flash point temperature of oil thus preventing any tank rupture and oil fire in case of arcing generated by internal faults as well as external faults. It avoids any fire or damage to the transformer. The system is site configurable, and the temperature range can be set as per local ambient condition.

    The detection unit is UL, FM & VdS approved.

Basic Principle:
  • Nitrogen Injection Fire Protection System for Internal Fire Prevention:

    Nitrogen Injection Fire Protection System (NIFPS) prevents oil tank explosion or rapture & possible oil fire in event of minor nature of arcing due to internal faults or external faults (such as failure of condenser bushing of transformer or any other source) in Transformer. In case of rise in Temperature inside Transformer due to various reasons, PLC based NIFPS system receives internal inherent Faults / Feedback / Trip Signals from Transformer Panel. In case of any incident PLC based NIFPS system activates electrically operated Transformer Conservator Isolation Valve / Oil Drain Valve / Nitrogen Injection Valve etc. which Isolate the Oil Conservator Tank from main Tank, drains out oil from Transformer into the Oil Pit and Nitrogen gas is injected which creates a layer rest of the oil to avoid any contact with Atmospheric Oxygen.

    Electrically operated steel cage ball valve permits complete opening of oil flow between conservator and main tank thus maintaining original design of OEM. The system also opens the drain valve (Steel Cage Ball Valve) completely, permitting for fastest evacuation of oil from the system. Manual operation is also possible. Our Microprocessor / PLC based System allows Graphical Representation of the faults through SCADA and provides ease of interface with main control panel.

    OPTIONAL FEATURES: Our Unique External Fire Suppression system suppresses, any fire but also cools the system to minimize any further damage;

  • 1. Water Mist Fire Suppression for External Suppression.
  • 2. High Velocity Water Spray System for External Suppression
  • 3. Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS)


Detection of Internal or External Fire by state-of-the-Art Heat / Fire Temperature Sensors capable of configure temperature range from – 40oC to + 160oC

  • Extremely sensitive to change in Temperature
  • Auto and Manual Extinguishing System, from field and Control Room.
  • Total Length of External Metallic Detector:  15-115 Metres
  • It can record up to 16 MN events (with installed SD Card)
  • Detection System – UL, VdS, FM Approved
  • PLC / Microprocessor based system interfaced with SCADA integration
  • Automatic self-diagnostic for monitoring self-health check-up