Shootfire Rim Seal Fire Protection System

Shoot fire Rim Seal Fire Protection System For Floating Roof Hydrocarbon Storage Tank

The SHOOTFIRE Branded Rim Seal Fire Protection System for Floating Roof Fuel Storage Tank is a fully automatic Fire Detection cum Suppression System. Specially designed and manufactured for quick detection and extinguishing of any Rim Seal fires as per the National & International Safety standards.

The Automatic Rim Seal Fire Detection and Extinguishing system detects even incipient fire in less than 10 seconds and suppresses the rim seal fire on a floating roof, within 40 seconds from Starting of Fire. It is a First Aid system and acts as a watch Dog round the clock. The systems operate without any human intervention and simultaneously also alerts operators / Fire department in case of an alarm.

This system was designed to replace the harmful Halon Gas system, which is considered as environmentally hazardous due to CFC gases.

Detection is done using linear metallic sensor (Copper/SS) having EN approval of Type A1, UL, VdS and other approvals competent agencies worldwide. An intelligent evaluation unit senses the ‘Rate of Rise’ in temperature & maximum temperature beyond the preconfigured parameters through a highly sensitive hollow metallic tube in the non-pressurised state.

The extinguishing vessels are permanently pressurised with Nitrogen and discharge delivers extinguishing agent (AFFF) UL-Listed at 18 LPM/M2 application rate on to the Rim Seal area through UL-Listed foam spray nozzle, to extinguish the incipient fire within 40 seconds of fire detection.

  • EN Class A1 certified heat detection system for response behaviour
  • UL-Listing at the Component level in this custom built Solution.
  • Only System for quick detection of Hydrocarbon Fire on the Rim Seal area of Floating Roof Storage Tanks
  • Environmentally-friendly detection and suppression system
  • Immune to Mechanical, Chemical & Electrical interferences
  • Event logs – for specific parameters & Events
  • Self-Diagnostic and fail-safe features for Continuous monitoring of parameters in a remote location and remote area in real-time mode.
  • The system is installed on an operational Tanks without downtime / shut down / outage of tanks.
  • Auto-sensing Mechanism needs minimum human intervention


  • Installation possible on hydrocarbon product filled storage tanks since no hot jobs is required on the tank top
  • Highest percentage of safety till date for Floating Roof Tank related Fire Hazard
  • The system has provision to send a signal to Rim Seal Fire panel situated in control Room, with Annunciator and Graphic Console so that that operator can get alarmed/Continuous monitoring.
  • More than 650 tanks in various Oil Installations are safeguarded with this Solutions.