Gasket Selection & Installation


ITW is committed to a process of continuous development and technological improvement.
This has allowed ITW to achieve results that were believed to be technical unthinkable until now.
Using our expertise and our applied research capabilities, we can find innovative solutions to various problems affecting the oil and energy industries.
Contact us for any inquiry relating to improvement of process, production, environmental and turnaround issues.

ITW Online Cleaning

ITW Onstream Cleaning

OpEx Improvement

Degassing and Decontamination


Polymer Modification

Ethylene furnace run length increase (Naphtha Cracker)

Distillation Yield Increase in Delayed Coking Units

Coke on Catalyst Reduction

Tank Cleaning

Heat Stable Salts Cleaning and Prevention

Online Cleaning of Texas Towers and Feed / Effluent Exchangers

Asphaltene Stabilization

SHF Reduction

Chemical Treatments


Chemical Cleaning

Diesel Particulate and NOx reduction

Tailor Made Solutions